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Contact Us

Mosaic's Jewish Outdoor Escape 2020 specific inquiries:

Click the Chat button on the right side of the page or give us a call or email to reach us!


888-MOSAICS or 888-667-2427 Please only call between 9am - 10 pm EDT

Chair-person of the Event: Raymond Ockrant 

Other E-mail address and chairperson specific to certain aspects of the event:

Note: This event is an all volunteer run event. Please contact us if there is area you would like to help with. Check out the  VOLUNTEER page for full descriptions of each committee

Bedding Package Coordinator(s) TBD
Conservation Committee Chairperson TBD
Elections Commissioner TBD
Evening Activity Chairperson TBD
Food Committee Chairperson TBD
Housing Committee Chairperson TBD
Photos Committee Chairperson TBD
Post Trip Chairperson n/a
Pre-Trip Co-Chair People TBD
Publicity Chairperson TBD
Quatermaster(s) TBD
Registrar TBD
Religious Committee Chairperson TBD
Ride-Share Coordinator for Canada TBD
Ride-Share Coordinator for USA TBD
Scholarship Committee Chairperson TBD
Volunteer Coordinator TBD
Welcome/Social Committee Chairperson TBD
Housing TBD
Advanced Team TBD
Transporation Coordinator TBD
Out-of Camp Activity Coordinator TBD

Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America for Mosaic questions not related to the event itself



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