We are an all-volunteer organization. This event does NOT happen without YOUR HELP. Please contact us if you are willing to volunteer. Get involved.

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Airport Captain

Airport Captains are the point people to assist with arrivals on September 3rd and departures on September 7th. Your primary job is to leave the airport/camp on schedule while getting everyone on the Mosaic Shuttle. To make this happen:

  • Work as a team of two or three people.
  • Your name and cell phone number will be publicized via email to all participants arriving/departing via the Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) to allow any participants to communicated directly to you about any issues that might arise during their travels while flying and arriving/leaving the airport. Then act on that information to assist them.
  • Coordinate with participants to help find the designated meeting location at the airport.
  • Organize participants to work as a group while waiting for pickup. I.E., Helping each other with baggage, food, and such.
  • Orchestrate the pickup of your group at the designated time and place that you will arrange with the MOSAIC Shuttle driver via your cell phone. The driver is provided your phone number.
  • Keep Event Chair people advised of status and any issues.
  • You MUST have a cell phone plane that handles both US and Canadian
  • phone numbers both with outgoing and incoming calls.

The optimum Airport Captain should be someone who is flying round trip to/from Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) with a USA cell phone number. It is best the airport captains are the first people to arrive at the airport on Thursday, September 3rd, and the last person to depart on Monday, September 7th.

Bedding Committee

The camp does not provide linens. We offer a supply of approx. 20 to 40 bedding packages for those who wish to purchase them. Each kit will include either bed linens, blanket, and pillow, or a sleeping bag, and pillow. All packages will have a washcloth, and a large and a small towel. The Bedding Committee is broken up into two parts:

  1. Source where the materials for the bedding package will come from and make arrangements to get the materials to the camp on time. Sourcing can be done either via online and having it shipped or via going to physical stores during sales and buying what is needed then bringing the materials to camp. The key is to keep the cost to a minimum.
  2. Be part of the advanced crew that arrives in camp the night before everyone else. Your primary job is to sort the materials into individual packages, and then deliver those packages to each participant’s cabin. Once your primary responsibility is done, you will be expected to help out with whatever is else needed as part of the advanced crew.

Bus Captain Activity

The Activity Bus Captain has three primary responsibilities

  • Be the liaison between participants and the bus driver. Avoid anyone disturbing the driver while operating the bus and responding to any requests the driver may have to make their job easier.
  • Help with driving directions, so you get to your destination with minimal driving time and effort. You will need to be comfortable using a GPS unit/software as well as strong map reading skills.
  • Coordinate with all Activity Leaders on your bus to make sure you leave on time. It will be the responsibility of the Activity Leader to make sure their group is on the bus.

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Check-In On-site

We have a few time blocks where we will need help including a few time slots both on Thursday and Friday of the event. Let us know what your plans are for your arrival plans are to help determine where we can best fit you on the schedule.

Co-Chair for Future Events

Conservation Committee

Part of Mosaic's mission as an outdoor club is to promote environmental awareness. Volunteer to help create specific conservation-based programming during the Jewish Outdoor Escape.

Contact Primary In Camp for the Day

The camp is not responsible for taking care of participant issues during the weekend directly. As per the contract, each day during the event, we designate a participant as the primary contact in for any problems that might arise during that day during the event. Then be the liaison/filter to the camp staff about any request a participant may have. You will be responsible for carrying the Mosaic cell phone, Mosaic radio and camp radio during the day. Your name (and possibly your cell phone) will be listed in the schedule book and on the website as the primary contact. You must be available to respond to issues or request you may receive either via the phone, radio or in person while balancing having fun doing activities in camp. This is as urgent as handling a 911 emergency, someone getting lost or hurt on an activity to dealing with plumbing issues in one of the cabins, etc. You are given instructions to enable you to handle these and any other basic issues.

Advanced Crew

We need a select few participants who are willing to arrive at camp on Wednesday night and then spend Wednesday night and Thursday before the event setting up the camp for the arrival of participants. You must be willing to help wherever needed. Chair people will hand out assignments as need.


  • Complete final packing of leader packets and participant packets.
  • Organizing the registration area
  • Posting signs were needed
  • Deploying the bedding packages to their proper locations
  • Cleaning out/prepping areas that need some attention
  • Dealing with issues that might arise
  • Organize the parking and other traffic pattern issues
  • Be available to help with the arrival of participants and direct them to their cabins.

Monday Clean-Up Crew

We want few volunteers to stay a little later and help clean up the camp after everyone else leaves. You will need to provide your own transportation from camp to be on this crew. Please let us know if you are willing to join us by contacting us at event@mosaicoutdoor.org.

Day Time In-Camp Activities

This year's camp has a wide variety of activities to offer. We are looking for other ideas as well to add to the already full in-camp schedule. Help plan the day-time in-camp activities. Create workshops. Work with the camp to schedule what events are available to us. We'll be looking to have volleyball, field games, and more available each day.


We are looking for people to drive to/from some of the activities. This may be your vehicle or a 12 Passenger van. Please specify:

  • What type of vehicle are you willing to drive?
  • If you are willing to drive for a specific activity or any activity you are participating in?
  • How many passengers are you willing to take?
  • How many bikes you can fit on your vehicle if the activity includes biking?

Please note: Due to insurance regulations, anyone driving as an official Mosaic activity driver is required to allow us to perform a check of their Motor Vehicle Record. As such we only allow a participant to drive for Mosaic if you have a good driving record. You are allowed one or two minor traffic tickets, but no significant accidents where you are found at fault, or DUIs. Please do not put us in any embarrassing situations by volunteering to drive if you would not pass the MVR check.

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Elections Commissioner

We are looking for a volunteer who would be willing to be appointed as Elections Commissioner. Part of your job is to contact the local clubs a few months ahead of the meeting to:

  • Determine what positions on the MOCA board are up for elections
  • Determine who is a local clubs official delegate for the council that will be attending the event.
  • Contact local clubs and members to produce a list of candidates for the open positions on the board

During the event, you will be responsible for overseeing the elections to make sure it runs appropriately.

Evening Activities Committee

The Committee develops the evening events and schedules with a mix of large and small programs. Examples include dance lessons, seminars from experts (we've had past workshops on successful marriages, finding your true self and improve, for instance), and slideshows. We also like to organize a big "marquee event" on Saturday night, possibly involving live entertainment, and perhaps bring an outside speaker on environmental or other issues. Indoor activities in place of the nightly bonfires are also helpful, in case of rain.

Food Committee

You will work with the camp to develop and coordinate appropriate menus for those of us who will be eating regular and vegetarian food. Be the point of contact on-site to deal with any issues that might arise with the menu and/or participants “special” requests.

Lead an Activity

Take a look at the offerings we have on the event website. Please describe the activity you wish to lead when contacting us.

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Leader Packets

Every activity we do requires a leader informational packet. This packet will have detailed information the leader needs to know to be fully informed so they can confidently lead their activity during the event. By helping with producing the leader packets will bring you intimate knowledge of the surroundings of the area and the activities. This process will also create a greater understanding of what involved in producing an activity. We really could use dedicated help with every step of the leader packet. Each leader packet needs to be produced, vetted, and proofread to make sure all the information is correct and makes sense. The process of a single leader packet can take several hours to produce. Then multiply these several hours per packet with over an average of 40 activities during each event. Hence equating to many, many hours to generate all the packets. Therefore, this is NOT a job for one person. Please be part of this team.

Marketing and Publicity Committee

Charged with getting the word out that this is the best Labor Day weekend event on the continent for Jewish outdoor enthusiasts. This committee drives attendance to the event and develops focused messaging to promote Mosaic and the event. We're looking for volunteers who can help us both recruit current and former Mosaic members and new attendees who never even heard of Mosaic. Help us grow this exciting event! You should be proficient in using social media of all types including Facebook, Meetup, and Twitter.

Post-Trip Committee

No Post Trip has planned to date. We are looking for anyone willing to take on the project of planning and leading a Post-Trip. Email us at Event@MosaicOutdoor.org if you have any ideas.

Pre-Trip Committee

Help with the planning and execution of the Pre-Trip. While some of the details are laid out, we can always use help running the Pre-Trip.

Quartermaster Committee

Before the Activity: In charge of making sure all daytime activities receive all the necessary equipment for that event. Equipment would include radios, first aid kits, maps, any payments for the vendors, any tickets for the participants. They will also be responsible for making sure all equipment comes back from the trips, and all equipment is made ready for the next day, including charging the radios.

After the Activity: Collect from the leader all paperwork and equipment once they return from their activity.

Religious Activities Committee

Mosaic is a Jewish group and embraces our Jewish experience. This committee is charged with working that experience into the weekend's programming for those who want to participate. Planning includes planning a Mincha & Maariv services every day, Friday night service, Saturday’s Shabbat morning service, and a Havdalah Service on Saturday Night. The committee will need to make sure that all materials are in the camp when we needed them (prayer books, candles, wine, challah, etc.) and should develop a budget request to be reviewed by the overall budget committee before proceeding with any purchases.

Ride Share Committee

Help coordinate ride-shares for people that need extra help beyond what is offered in the database in the registration system. This job will require contacting people by phone and email both in Canada and the USA.

Safety Committee

Charged with creating and implementing practical policies to help ensure that everyone has a safe and fun event. This committee should familiarize themselves with emergency systems in whatever area we go to. What is the 911 procedure in the area? What and where are the local hospitals? Where are the first aid kits and what do they contain? What emergency systems are in place in the camp and where are they located? (Fire extinguishers, defibrillator, etc.) Know who has first-aid training.

Scout for Activities

The Scouting trip(s) ​is ​a ​working ​weekend. ​ ​It ​is ​for ​those ​of ​you ​who ​are ​willing ​to ​help ​prepare ​for ​the ​2021 ​Jewish ​Outdoor ​Escape ​by ​surveying ​potential ​activities ​for ​us. ​ ​We ​will ​break ​into ​small ​groups. ​ ​Each ​group ​will ​be ​assigned ​specific ​activities ​to ​scout. ​ ​You ​may ​not ​have ​time ​to complete ​each ​of ​the ​activities ​during ​the ​scouting ​trip. ​ ​Scouts ​will:

  • Research their assignments before arriving for the weekend. We will supply with what information we have already gathered.
  • Develop a leader/info packet based on this research before arrival to the scouting trip.
  • Spend the weekend verifying their research and maybe scout other items they may find along the way.
  • Update their leader/info packet with the information they found and report that packet back to the chair people within a week of returning from the scouting trip.
  • Preference is given to anyone who plans to attend both the scouting trip and the Labor Day event.

We are looking for people to help find venues for future events. This committee will search for camps to use in future years (including next year), evaluating them based on several criteria including their availability on the Labor Day weekend, capacity, and proximity to exciting activity venues.

Social and Welcome Committee

Responsible for the mixers and the welcoming of participants at the beginning of the event. They will be charged to make sure all first-timers feel welcomed to the event. Also, produce exciting mixer games for the bus or vans that travel between camp and activities during the weekend as well as the Mosaic Shuttle to/from the airport.

Transportation Committee

Responsible for securing and managing the transportation issues for the event, as well as obtaining and scheduling the vehicles: motor coaches, buses, and vans throughout the weekend. Needs to determine the airport gateway for the event and plan accordingly. Our bus selection is usually a motor-coach between camp airport and school bus, vans, and private cars during the weekend. During the event, the transportation committee will work with the activities committee and chair-people to arrange the camp departure/return times as well as determining the caps on numbers of people allowed on each activity. (If it’s a 12-passenger van, the activity may be limited to 12 participants). Also, the committee will be responsible for the organization of keeping all transportation on schedule, signs on the buses or vans to make it clear to the participants which vehicle they will need to board.

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